Maleficent – Tiles in Sleeping Beauty’s cottage.

Finally after years of patiently waiting, we caught a glimpse this afternoon of our medieval tiles above the kitchen sink in Sleeping Beauty’s cottage!

We enjoyed Maleficent – it is a wonderful film, but we probably shouldn’t have snuck out to catch the first day’s showing in the afternoon…

If you watch the film and look very carefully you may be able to see them too, we caught a glimpse of the archer, knights, lion and possibly a Neath Abbey rose window pattern. We made enough tiles to cover a fireplace but by the time we delivered them to Pinewood Studios the brief had changed and we knew they were going to help create a lovely medieval feel to the cottage kitchen.

So if any other Hollywood Studios would like us to furnish their film sets with tiles, we would be happy to hear from you! Our feet are still just about on the ground, but we are feeling a little more starry eyed than usual.

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A set of 9 archer tiles. Knight tiles for Maleficent

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