Nuneaton Priory Tiles c.1350

Original tiles and replicas. A Lion, two doves and small letter ‘h’ tile.

I was asked to recreate these for a handling collection for the museum, and carried on to create the rest of the 24 letter alphabet, based on letters from Coventry, Kennilworth and Nuneaton. These small, quarter sized tiles would have been laid around the edge of the priory floor, spelling out prayers.

Pictures from top:

  • Original tiles and Lion, Doves Nuneaton c.1350
  • Carving a wood block for the Nuneaton letter ‘H’ tile
  • Original ‘h’ and alphabet tiles made as a 4 letter tile, then split, as they were.

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Nuneaton Priory Tiles - Kate Tiler Traditional hand carved wooden block to stamp the tile pattern Original ‘h’

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